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The Turn of the Screw mixes ghosts and madness as a governess arrives at Bly Manor and takes over the care of two children, only to become convinced the family is being visited by ghosts.

Haunting Rachel by Kay Hooper

It's fertile ground for a new horror series to work with, and The Haunting of Hill House certainly proved that its creators can adapt historical horror fiction with terrifying results. The series will air on Netflix, which is fast becoming one of my most reliable sources of nightmares. The Haunting of Hill House ending explained - everything you need to know after watching.

Unless the show's creators take on the American Horror Story tradition of bringing back the same actors in new roles, it's unlikely we'll get to see any of our favorites in Bly Manor. Not that the cast wouldn't be interested.

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There are possibilities - if the show is a hit - to create a second season and still be in this world of Hill House. Embrace your nightmares with the best Netflix horror movies to stream right now. Read more The Haunting of Hill House ending explained - everything you need to know after watching.

I Shouldn't Have Stayed Overnight.. (EXTREMELY HAUNTED)

Not to worry. Read each quote I am a huge fan of Kay Hooper and I will read anything she's written.

Haunting Rachel

Rachel Grant is young and in Haunting Rachel. Kay Hooper.

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  • The Haunting of Hill House season 2 is actually a new horror anthology series;
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Danger wears many faces His body was never found. Now there's a stranger in town, a man who could be Thomas's twin--or his ghost. His name is Adam Delafield.